Non Edible Collagen Casing

These casings are versatile for both cooked and drying applications

Great for products with mould and longer drying times  

It is available in rounds or straight middles 

Size range: 38 - 120mm 

Vareity of colours avaiable such as: salmon red, smoketone 

Fibrous Casing

A cost effective way to maxmize your production, colour and taste of your products 

Versatile for many applications since they can be cooked, dried and smoked 

Fibrous casings are also great for size control compared to natural casings 

Available in a variety of colours and prints

Size Range: 38mm - 140mm 

Cellulose Casing  

This casing is pefect for maxmizing speed and consistency of coarse and fine emulsion type products

Cellulose is mainly used to produce hot dogs and skinless style sausages

Great option for halal producers

Size range 19mm -42mm

Plastic Casing 

Excellent product to increase yield and maximize shelf life of products 

Casings can be used for cooked and frozen applications 

Come in a variety of colours and tints 

Also smoke impregnated options to provide a more natural looking colour and product